Keeper Wars

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Tentative Start Times (will confirm by end of day Friday, April 26th):

Participants should arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.

Keeper Wars

Keeper Wars is a fast fun contest that pits players one on one with their shooting and goalkeeping skills to see who can score/defend the most goals against one another in a back and forth contest.   See how many goals you can get past your opponent while fending off his/her attempts to score on you in a short shots-only field!

Any player - not just goal keepers - registered in the tournament may participate.  Keeper Wars is about speed/agility and throwing/kicking a ball.  Players must wear their AYSO uniform, including cleats and shinguards.  Gloves are encouraged but not required.  

Info for 2024 El Palo Alto Tournament Keeper Wars: 

Keeper Wars for all age divisions will take place at JLS Fields following the conclusion of the last games on Saturday, April 27th - about 4:30PM.  Look for the gathering around JLS1 and JLS3 fields.

Cheer for All the Keepers

Contestants need to supercharge their energy for these games.  Cheering helps. 


1 week before the tournament Coaches will receive a link to a “ Keepers’ Wars Registration form”. 

Check in:

Coaches or  contestants will check in at the Check-in (AKA Field Marshal) before noon.  

Keeper Wars Overview

Keeper Wars Format Details

The goals will be set up straggling a TBD line of the soccer pitch, such that the said line is used as the centerline of the keeper wars.  The area used for the Keeper Wars should be a lesser used area of the regular pitch, so as not to harm the pitch.  

Cones will be put out to mark the touchlines of the Keeper Wars pitch.  The goals should each be +-8 yards from the centerline [distance will be adjusted by age group recognizing players abilities] .  

The cones should be about 5 yards wider on each side than the goal width.

 The Usher will organize the keepers in 2 planning on having players from the same team facing each other.  

The time keeper will call for a match, and the ushers send in their player from the front of the queue.  

The time keeper will throw in the ball to a keeper to start the game, alternating Side 1 and Side 2 starts for each game.  The keepers play their match.  The winner of the match remains in the elimination, the other player is eliminated.   The winner of the match returns to their usher and must wait for the next round in the elimination.

Once all the players from the initial queue have played, round 1 is completed and there should be half  keepers remaining.  Split the keepers between the two ushers, splitting evenly keepers from the same team on each side ensuring no keepers from the least amount of players from the same team are on the same side.

In the case of odd number of players: players who lost will be handed a card from a 52 cards deck whoever has the “king of hearts” (to be changed each time, will get a second chance by competing against the last player 

When you get to 4 players left introduce each players to the crowd as the finalists

Divide the Final Four into two groups and repeat another round, eliminating two, and then hold the championship round to determine the finalist. 

 Present the finalist and runner up with prizes .